Key Player Management

Where you’re more than just a number. You’re part of the family.

Improving the lives of our clients

both during their playing careers and after they are done.

Key Player Management is founded on the principle that an agent owes a duty of loyalty to his client, and that the relationship should not be entirely driven by commission-based motives, but rather a sense of family, teamwork, caring and mutual success.

We are a respected sports agency that focuses on the overall success and well being of its clients more than the expansion of its profit margins. We represent players and coaches in numerous leagues across the globe.

Our emphasis will always be on responsible, intelligent, and honest representation as well as having the utmost respect for clients.

Services We Offer

Contract Negotiations

Public Relations

Tax Planning

Financial Planning

Marketing & Endorsements

Post-Career Planning

Greg Thompson

CEO, Owner, and Agent for Key Player Management

Greg is a lawyer based out of Huntington, WV. In these roles, Greg oversees all aspects of KPMG, and is the primary contact person for all clients and organizations.

Greg is also the Ohio Executive State Director for NECCO, which serves children and families throughout the state.

Greg is NFLPA Certified, NBPA Licensed, and NCAA Certified as an agent.

Bill “Henry” Walker

Former Kansas State stand out and NBA Wing for the Knicks, Celtics, and Heat

"Greg is one of the most genuine and generous people that I know.  He truly embodies the meaning of hard work and dedication to accomplish anything he puts his energy toward.  He values honesty and trust, and is a man of principle.  I know first hand the integrity and loyalty that resides in him.  He's a great person, and an even greater friend."